The Covers Set – Helping us to make new Music

Make no bones about it – The Q are about making new music and writing songs the good old fashioned way. However we know that to get out there and play to live audiences means that we need to play songs that people are familiar with. We’re in the entertainment business and when people go out to their local venue to see us  most of the time they want to hear the songs they associate with a mod band.
This gives us the ultimate flexibility (playing both originals and covers); and venues the best of both worlds!
As a band we’ve agreed not to take any personal payments for playing gigs. All the money we earn as a band goes into funding the writing, recording and producing our original NEW music. We wouldn’t have been able to release any of the records we have released without playing gigs. All our recorded releases have been funded in this way.
So – if you’re a venue and you’d like to book us this is what you’ll get in return:
2 sets of cracking mod songs from bands and artists such as:

The Who, The Jam, Purple Hearts, Secret Affair, Small Faces

The Kinks, Sam and Dave, Wilson Pickett, Martha Reeves and The Vandellas

We all grew up listening to these bands and artists and loving their music!  We’re not copyists, we always play covers The Q way – with all the  raw power pop energy that you’d expect. We generally sprinkle in a couple of our own tunes too…


Here’s a sample video of us doing our thing:
We hope you like what you see – if you do and would like to book us please contact Mike at:
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